Translations From The Daily News

Number 1 –

“For the First Time in My Adult Lifetime, I’m Really Proud of My Country”

This from would-be First Lady Michelle Obama back in 2008 when more of us should have been paying a-freaking-ttention,

“because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.”

Today I think this means:

‘Now that my husband is the most powerful man in America on the planet, and I am one the elite (millionaires & billionaires), who cares what people think when we go on vacation to Martha’s Vineyard -to the same place on government jets 4 hours apart!

** As a side note, the President and Michelle and the girls also returned to Washington D.C. after their vacation at separate times on separate jets each with their own separate entourage.

Number 2 –

From a recent note in West Hawaii Today, a quote from U.S. Representative Colleen Hanabusa:

“After much thought and reflection, I have determined that I can best serve Hawaii by seeking re-election for a 2nd term in the U.S. House of Representatives.”

In bullcrap govt-speak, this means:

‘I would love to be a Senator to have more power and not have to keep getting re-elected every 2 years, (Senators have 6-year terms and generally wield more power), but if I resign as U.S. Rep and lose (a big possibility), then I’m SOL without a paddle, so I’ll keep the phony-balony job I already have.’

Number 3 –

Cass Sunstein, the White House administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs on cost savings from the final plan to eliminate duplication of government services (like 47 federal job training and employment programs!) and reduce red tape:

“The cost savings are a pretty big deal, and probably would boost job growth.”

But actually, like Obama’s tired “Saved or Created” mantra everyone in the administration from here on through the election is mandated to mention ‘job growth’ at least 6 times in every sentence uttered so that by election time some (the less witted anyway) may believe it, but not most private sector business owners.

Like Mark Levin, one of my favorite conservatives, said recently,

“Mother nature in the form of floods, hurricanes and earthquakes will produce far more jobs than Obama!”

No translation needed!

He’s right. And another thing he pointed out is that no matter how smart you are, or how hard you try (or how much you tax it), you cannot dissuade Mother Nature from her natural course –

“Including climate change, you idiots!”

Aloha, Mikie

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