America-Hater, Ann Wright A Pathetic Showing -IMHO

Ann Wright (U. S. Army Reserves Colonel, turned Jane Fonda) and her cohort, Dr. Carol Murry spoke last Friday night at the Holualoa Theater on the (failed) 2011 Gaza Freedom Flotilla aboard Audacity of Hope.

I stand with Israel

As a member of the Kona Tea Party I had to show up with a big, beautiful blue and white Israeli flag. Torn between ‘manning my post’ with the flag outside along the road, or listening to the presentation, I split my time. One would think they would be a little more polished and professional as often as they speak around the world instead of this exercise in buffoonery that I witnessed.

The 25-30 people there could be characterized as the “freeze-dried” hippie crowd, with a smattering of curious community members. Col. Wright starts by asking those seated in the theater to gather closer to the stage where she had a small laptop on stool presumably to show photos of their experience. Better than passing around an iPhone, but not much.

The sparse audience remained seated so she repeated the suggestion a few more times, then made a lame joke,

“Oh, I see nobody wants to give up their land.”

What you need to know about Ann Wright and Carol Murry (who described her most memorable and frightening part of the ordeal was in their training when they role-played being beaten up by the Israelis), and their membership in CODE PINK, is that they call themselves a peace movement yet support terrorists and communist regimes all over the world.

Code Pink has worked to support the communist dictatorship of the Castro brothers in Cuba, Ahmadinejad’s terrorist regime of Iran, and Hugo Chavez’ socialism in Venezuela. The group has visited each of these nations as guests of their respective governments.

The blockade of the Gaza Strip was established by Israel and Egypt which borders the Gaza Strip for security after the terrorist group Hamas won the Palestinian legislative election in 2006 and then took control of the Gaza Strip. And it should be noted also that in July 2011, the UN investigative committee for the 2010 Flotilla to Gaza concluded that the blockade is legal.

I’m glad I went to hear Ann Wright speak having read and heard so much about her, but if what I witnessed was her best, I wouldn’t waste my time again. Every U.S. citizen ought to educate themselves on Israel’s long friendship with America as the only democracy in a sea of despotism and an ally that we must stand by no matter what.

Aloha, Mikie

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