Jobs, Schlobs -Obama Keeps This Up He’s Gonna Need a Job

Okay, here’s one for you. Do you know what ‘Nacho Cheese’ is? No, neither did I so I asked when I saw it on a menu one time in Florida. And I’m glad I did. Nacho Cheese is that gawd-awful gooey, orange stuff they spray out of a can. It’s fake. It may look a little like cheese but it ain’t!

And talk about a ‘quick cheese trick’ how about the Obama’s Cheez Whiz Bus Tour? $2.2 Million just for the buses, and from Canada, BTW. The schmuck is not even supporting the largely government-owned GM. That’s right, U.S. taxpayers foot the bill for his 3-day trip and supported jobs in Canada at the same time! But maybe the worse part is he actually spent more time on Air Force One flying to the bus tour stops, than on the bus. Oh yes, and the buses (along with the usual entourage) were also flown from stop to stop in C-17s. OMG, this guy isn’t green or black or half white, he’s a just a big hypocrite. And he has some nerve talking about ‘fat-cats with their corporate jets’ needing to pay their fair share.

Why does anyone believe anything this guys says or does? He’s fake, plastic and leaves a bad taste in your mouth just like that crappy Nacho Cheese.

Aloha, Mikie

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  1. nha khoa says:

    nha khoa…

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  3. Tane Noguchi says:

    After reading this exchange, Mikie, I can understand why you do not post much anymore. I, personally, think you would make a GREAT politician BECAUSE of your integrity and intelligence. Let A.C. keep their opinion and we can keep ours. No sense beating our heads against a brick wall. I’m certain HISTORY will tell A.C. that Obama is probably the worst president this country has ever seen. I doubt anyone in the US will be hiring him WHEN he loses his job, which WILL absolutely happen, but not soon enough.

  4. A.C. Points says:

    No. .75/1.1 is 68% and there’s most certainly quite a bit more American content so it could easily be over 75%. So my question is what do you have against American manufacturing that you would call something that is mostly American, Canadian.

    To your other point, Repeating fabricated information just makes you look like another wingbot. And of course that makes me wonder what other things you post are fabrications. But hey, thats the way of the wingbot isn’t it. Your definition of fact is whatever you agree with, and as long as you agree with it, any lie is a fact. I’ve got a left wing acquaintance thats just like you. He’s a wingbot too. He repeats absolute fabrications about the right the same way you do, and whenever I point out that the stuff isn’t true he says the same thing you do. Why are you defending those slimeballs. You’re both a lot the same. You both seem to have limited intelligence and a basic lack of integrity. You’d probably make a good politician.

    • Mikie says:

      That’s always the way isn’t when you cannot defend your argument you resort to name calling. You simply cannot defend Obama or his policies or you would have.

  5. A.C. Points says:

    Not from Canada BTW.

    • Mikie says:

      Sorry, U R Wrong, per Snopes, Aug 2011: Obama toured America, in part to promote job creation in America. He did so in a new customized motor coach, the shell of which was made by Provost, a motor coach manufacturer based in Quebec.

      • A.C. Points says:

        Yep. The secret service contracted with a Nashville company to for 2 buses @ $1.1M each. The bought the shells from Prevost, and then did their build-out. A shell like that goes for around $450,000. So right away about $0.65M of the $1.1M is going to an American company. The big value added for Prevost is their integrated frame. Acknowledged as the strongest and most secure on the market (very important to the secret service). The engine that goes into the shell? Manufactured in Michigan. The transmission that goes into the shell? Manufactured in Indiana. I expect most of the other driveline and suspension pieces, axles, brake systems, differential etc are also sourced from US suppliers. Easily $0.75M and probably more of the $1.1M goes to US companies. To me if well over 2/3 of the money goes to American companies I’d call that an American bus before I would call it a Canadian bus.

      • Mikie says:

        Okay your math is almost as bad as mine. 59.1% was American parts/labor – not 75% as you claim.

        But the bigger point, Mr. CouplePoints, is why are you defending this guy? Do you think most of the public knows about this bus ruse? Certainly mainstream media knew, why didn’t they do their job and report it? Oh yeah, I forgot they were part of the ruse. He wants to act like he’s mingling with the real people he claims to care so much about.

        Name me 1 thing he has done for the black community (not counting the New Black Panther Party). Unemployment is higher in the black community than it has been in 27 years! Do you really think his “let govt. take care of all your needs” policy in the form of welfare, food stamps and perpetual unemployment benefits (all the while creating class warfare) is the answer? If so, I’d like to hear from you.

        The overdone regulations from EPA on all businesses is a job killer, Dodd/Franks regs on the banks, likewise. All the regs, cost and uncertainty coming down the pike in Obamacare is stifling private sector hiring.

        His news jobs bill is a joke. Expanding govt with more govt jobs (infrastructure bank, investing in green technology, fixing schools, bla-bla-bla) and temporary programs have not and will not work. It’s just more payoff to the teacher’s union, greenies and political hacks.

        Solyndra was a showcase project wasn’t? A half-a-billion dollar scam for Obama contributors, taxpayers be damned. Lower and middle class hit the hardest. That was 1,100 jobs you can directly chock up to govt meddling in the free market system. He’d rather force electric cars on us (electricity takes oil to produce BTW) than allow the Canadian Sands oil expansion to Texas for refining. And what’s up with his shabby treatment of Israel? (the only democracy in a sea of despots and terrorists -and a longtime US ally). I guess Turner handily winning Anthony Weiner’s seat in NY tells us the Jews are finally catching on. Need I go on?

  6. Ray Santangelo says:

    Turner won the 9th NY, Wiener’s seat. Its over for the empty suit.

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