The Monster Under The Bed Keeping Americans Awake At Night?

The answer according to the Heritage Foundation is government regulations despite the Administration’s claim that the recent review of onerous government regulations

 “is likely to save at least $10 billion over five years and create an unspecified number of jobs.”

No more stupid rules!

All window dressing because bureaucrats are busy creating new rules every day burdening businesses with compliance costs, manpower and job loss.

  • Debit Card Interchange Fees- regulates the fees that financial institutions may charge for pro­cessing debit card purchases. Sounds good, but gives a huge advantage to bigger banks over small lenders and credit unions~ and creates more paperwork for all of them.
  • Phase-Out of Incandescent Light Bulbs by 2013- lead­ing to the closure of the last American light bulb fac­tory. Most CFL bulbs are made in China. All alternatives cost more, don’t necessarily last longer and will contribute to mercury contamination of landfills.
  • CAFE Standards– Corporate Average Fuel Economy legislation is responsible for making cars lighter, doing away with spare tires and making all cars less safe in collisions. The new reg­ulation—running some 300 pages—will dictate specific fuel standards by model type, weighted by sales volume. This will require a ton in re-engineering.
  • The EPA Endangerment Finding- came to life after Congress failed to pass the unpopular ‘Cap & Tax’. The regulation of greenhouse gases as “air pollutants” impose costly requirements on mil­lions of businesses and other “facilities,” including apartment buildings, office buildings, churches. Even farmers are entangled in the costly regu­lations. Aside from being expensive, the “finding” is factually wrong. There is no scientific agreement on the the­ory of man-caused climate change. Or that these actions will change the naturally occurring outcome.
  • The Computer Fraud & Abuse Act- would make felons of anyone “exceeding authorized access” to any computer. This could include misuse of a work computer (idle time on Facebook?) or misstatement of facts on online profiles. A felony? Why?

Other less specific examples of the federal govt overreach into our lives:

  1. Regulation of the amount of water your shower head or toilet uses, and
  2. The calories, fat and sugar in the food you eat (huge cost to restaurants), and
  3. The number of times you must allow employees to vote on becoming unionized
  4. Limitation on firms you do business with based on director and CEO pay
  5. Mandatory driving limits for truckers (nod to the Teamsters no doubt)
  6. Banned over the counter misters for asthma sufferers. More costly prescription drugs required after Dec 31, 2011
  7. Milk classified as oil costing farmers a ton in dairy spills
  8. Costly new child care laws will put many child care operations out of business and greatly increase the cost of child care for working parents

I think you get the picture. Do they really want to create jobs or grow the government?

Aloha, Mikie


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