California Dreamin’ – Get Yer Bags Packed, It’s a Freaking Paradise (unless you pay taxes, that is)

You know what they say,

“As California goes, so goes the nation.”

And if that’s the case we’re all in BIG trouble. Note for the uninitiated:  EBT = electronic benefits transfer.

BTW, California is $26 Billion in the hole and here are some of the more fiscally intelligent things they do or want to do (courtesy substitute host, Brian Susman of the Mark Levin Show):

  • Governor moonbeam Jerry Brown has just signed the California version of the DREAM ACT, but it’s better. Illegal immigrants will go to California community colleges not just at ‘in-state’ rates, but for FREE!
  • Truck drivers, bus or delivery companies, etc., are being required to switch out perfectly good diesel engines older than 2003 because of illicit fumes they emit. This includes truckers coming into the state for deliveries or hauling products out of the state.
  • California is rewarded (as are several states) by the USDA for increasing their food stamp rolls.
  • To insure the above rewards, they will remove the requirement for fingerprint ID prior to receiving food stamps.
  • Imposes huge fines if you use your fireplace on certain days considered by authorities to be dangerously “unclean” for the health and safety of the public.
  • Admission to California State Universities will be based on gender, financial status and ethnicity before academic ability or records are considered.
  • Tax-payer subsidized free needle exchange for addicts
  • Persons under 18 are banned from using tanning beds
  • Law enforcement officers can no longer impound cars at sobriety check-points (a nod to illegal aliens whose cars would otherwise be impounded)
  • Organizing child-care & elder-care providers over age 18 for union membership.

And somebody keeps voting in these libs. Go figger as we go broke. Hello Greece, here we come!

Aloha, Mikie


3 Responses to California Dreamin’ – Get Yer Bags Packed, It’s a Freaking Paradise (unless you pay taxes, that is)

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  2. Legal Articles…

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  3. Becky Warfel says:

    Welcome to the “Peoples’ Republic of California”!! Things have gotten so out of control and so expensive that those of us retirees who actually worked for a living in California can no longer afford to live there. So, we have joined the over 300,000 expats who are living the good life in Baja California. Go figure: reverse migration much?!

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