News Flash, But Not What We Want to Hear

Washington D.C. has overtaken Silicon Valley in the household income category.

Think about that. The nation’s capital where the concentration of government sector jobs is the highest, -according to newest census statistics as reported on Bloomberg, has just overtaken San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley, as having the highest average income in the country.


  • D.C. Metro average household income = $84,523
  • San Jose average household income = $83,944
  • National median average income = $50,045
  • Federal workers and govt. contractor income = $126,000

According to newser, Washington has been helped as federal money flows freely into Washington D.C. Small businesses and the private sector outside the nation’s capitol have been hurt, over-burdened and over-regulated as evidenced by the fact that D.C. also boasts more lawyers per capita than anywhere else (1 for every 12 residents!) and a dense concentration of lobbyists. And my guess is they’ll have to keep raising taxes to pay all those new federal workers, lawyers and lobbyists.

All I can say for 2012 is think conservative; smaller decentralized government, state’s rights, personal responsibility and individual freedom, free markets and, yes capitalism!

Just for fun take this Conservative or Liberal quiz.

Aloha, Mikie

One Response to News Flash, But Not What We Want to Hear

  1. Tane says:

    That was a fun quiz. I’m a conservative (81%). I enjoyed reading the description following, too…I believe in personal responsibility, limited government and traditional American values… All pretty accurate.

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