Exploding Turkey Warnings From DHS & More

You cannot make this stuff up. Every day in the news there are items that simply astound!

Department of Homeland Security comes out just in the nick of time -to warn Americans of the danger of deep-frying turkeys. BTW, this may come as a shocker to you as it did me. The very first item listed on the DHS website under the banner “immigration” is Benefits. Huh? What’s up with that. I thought they were on our side.

Other diversions that astound:

Hate crime charges leveled against the Amish for hair-cutting.

Consumer groups advocate for mandated safety straps to save children from falling TVs. 

Those are books on the left

Taxpayers dinged another $14+ Million from Solyndra. Even though many employees knew from day one that Solyndra was doomed as a viable enterprise due to well-known competition from the Chinese producing the same product much cheaper, the Labor Department has just approved federal aid packages for roughly 1,100 former Solyndra employees valued at about $13,000 a head. Health benefits will be paid for 130 weeks.

It’s astounding that Occupy Wall Street has now moved to targeting and disrupting various businesses and street ministries that help the poor and homeless. But this serves the government well as a diversion. OWS has cost taxpayers an estimated $13 million in overtime for police, and OWS now plans to disrupt Black Friday shopping vital to small businesses. Simply astounding.

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