“America Will Fall Without A Shot Being Fired”

This news anchor in Russia is apparently looking for a new job after expressing her personal opinion about America’s fearless leader. I guess the Russian newscasters are getting more and more like the US mainstream media -not in idolizing Obama, but in opining rather than reporting.

But I can’t imagine why the Russians don’t love Obama after he gave them everything they wanted in the START treaty. I guess Nikita Krushchev was right:

“America will fall without a shot being fired. It will fall from within.”

From an article today by Ron Ewart of The Post & Email,

  • First they infiltrate government at every level with trained followers and set their agenda with new law after new law. They don’t need guns, they only need willing subjects who are looking the other way.
  • Second, they take control of the news media and feed them what they want them to know.
  • Third, they establish their curriculum in the public schools & colleges pumping out brainwashed converts with each graduating class. (think Occupy Wall Street).
  • Finally, they buy off large segments of the people with promises from the public treasury until eventually, lo and behold, the people without even being aware of it, are opening supportive of the conquerors, becoming slaves of those they adoringly follow.

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