More Dumbing Down in the Name of Equal Opportunity

This is really sick. If you don’t have a high school diploma you’re now disabled and soon no doubt, to be in a protected class. (Hey, could this be why so many people defaulted on their mortgages? -they didn’t have high school diplomas!) And if you are among the dwindling class of job creators the federal government has found yet another way to make it harder for you to not only stay in business, but to hire anybody.

But can he read, or give correct change or put 2 sentences together?

According the The Washington Times the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) says that it’s now illegal discrimination to require job applicants to have a high school education.

What on earth is Google gonna do? I see in the WSJ they toss out brain-twisters to job applicants such as these:

“What’s the next number in this sequence:  10, 9, 60, 90,70,60 . . . ? or, ” How many times a day do a clock’s hands overlap?”

testing if can they think on their feet and how imaginative they are, or what kind of problem solvers they may turn out to be if hired. Holy crap, I can remember as an employer hiring a secretary trying to figure out before I hired them, if they had enough innate intelligence to take an accurate phone message. And now it’s discriminatory to require a high school diploma?

What’s the world coming to? What do you think this is gonna do for job creation?

Aloha, Mikie

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