Put Your Hand Up If You’re Buying This Load of Bullcrap

Before last nights Republican debate Brian Williams, the NBC moderator implored the audience,

“We’ve asked our invited guests here this evening to withhold their applause, any verbal reactions to what they hear on stage, so as to ensure this is about the four candidates here tonight and what they have to say.”

I submit and I think most people will agree, the purpose of muzzling the audience was to insure no candidate received an immediate standing ovation to cheers and clapping the way they did when ‘Newt-ie boy’ chastised John King of CNN at the kick off of the debate just days before the South Carolina primary. If you missed that one, take a look. It was fabulous! BTW, it’s not so much that I’m a Newt swooner, but I think we’re all sick of the media.

And Brian Williams had plenty of reason to be cautious if you recall his ‘gotcha’ question in one of the very first debates in a dust-up with Governor Rick Perry over the death penalty in Texas asking if Perry had trouble sleeping at night due to the prospect of an innocent inmate being executed.

Would Williams have ever asked a question of a liberal candidate in favor of abortion if they had trouble sleeping at night over hundreds of thousands of innocent unborn babies being sucked from the womb?

I think not, and that’s why now after seeing Newt stand up to this stupid, biased line of questioning by the mainstream media we’re getting new ground rules for the debates -no clapping or jeering at the moderators.

Aloha, Mikie



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