Test Blog From My Moto Xoom- Preparation for Buenos Aires Travel Blog

This is a learning post, an experiment, so please bear with me. I intend to temporarily transform my blog-normally a political animal, to a travel blog while we are in Buenos Aires for the month of February. I know I need a break and you probably would like to see a different side to Mikie too!:-)

It will be curious to see how difficult it is to produce a blog post complete with photos entirely on my Motorola Xoom (the non-iPad) & post it via wifi from Argentina.

So here we go!

These are our kids. They will not be traveling with us. It really wouldn’t be a vacation if we took the children, would it?

Okay, a last minute update before I hit the “publish” button. It looks like it’s all systems go on the mobile blog. We’ve had 2 days of flying just to get half way there with the last push ahead of us; Atlanta to Buenos Aires leaving at something like 7:55 tonight. This’ll be the longest leg at 10 hours, 10 minutes, but how freaking exciting to get off the plane in a strange and huge city (2.7 million, I think), every sensory neuron firing, anticipating all kinda new foods, customs, sites and sounds (& tango!) and worried about managing for the next month on my high school Spanish – yeah. I’m ready!
More later after we arrive and get settled in our digs AND catch up on our sleep.

Aloha, Mikie


One Response to Test Blog From My Moto Xoom- Preparation for Buenos Aires Travel Blog

  1. Bill Winkler Sr. says:

    Mike, have a blast in S. America. I hear lizard tail is delicious! LOL Have a great vacation. Wink

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