I didn’t mean to sleep so late!

Over 11 hours! We didn’t mean to sleep so long, but after traveling 3 days to get here it just felt so yummy every time I woke up to moan, roll over and go right back to sleep -even at 4 AM when I heard somebody laughing and carrying on in the street below our apartment.


It’s a very busy street (they all seem to be in this city of nearly 3 million), so there is a constant buzz punctuated by a bus groaning to a halt, honking horns or the odd dog barking (lots of dogs). But thank God for my ample supply of earplugell that’s all for now. Our job this morning (what’s left of it is to suss out our morning coffee spot in our temporary neighborhood of Palermo Soho.
¡Hasta luego!

Aloha, Mikie


4 Responses to I didn’t mean to sleep so late!

  1. events in nyc…

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  2. Sue says:

    Congrats on figuring out how to blog and upload while traviling. Can you teach me when you get back? Your apt looks great! Looking forward to your travel posts!!

  3. Bill Winkler Sr. says:

    Please take some photos of the general population so we can get an idea of the surroundings. Also, photos of your food that you are served.. I hear the Iguana tail if delicious.. Wink

    • Mikie says:

      Hey Wink, you’re really pushing the geico tail aren’t you? Haven’t seen it yet, but will let you know if we do & hope to have my phone (camera) with me at the time.

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