She Was Both Loved and Hated

Eva Peron the ‘patron saint of Argentina’ that is, was hated by the wealthy, gentrified class and business owners because at the height of her power she had a huge following and tremendous clout. She could go to the rich factory owners for instance, and demand that they make big donations in support of this cause or that, basically shaking them down on the threat of bad press if they did not comply. (A lot like what Rev. Jessie Jackson used to get away with before his “Rainbow Coalition” sort of faded away and exactly what our unions do today). The flip side of course is that the poor and down-trodden idolized and loved Eva Peron.

She died at the young age of 33 of cancer and is interred at the Recoleta Cemetary, one of Buenos Aires’ most visited tourist attractions so naturally we had to check it out.


Main entry to Recoleta Cemetary


Iglesia de Nuestro Senona de Pilar

Unfortunately we picked a 100°+ day to do it! The local paper had the heat index (which takes in humidity, dew point, etc.) but a straight temp of 39.9°C by the lazy man’s converter of C° temperature to F° (double it, minus 10% and add 32) it was well over 100°! Lucky thing they were selling fresh-squeezed orange juice at several stands along the street outside.image

Recoleta Cemetary is unique, not just a cemetary with grave markers and headstones but full on mausoleums bought, paid for and maintained by the famiy or ancestors of the interred. We overheard one tour guide telling their group that a particularly ornate one had just been cleaned and refurbished with weeks of scrubbing, painting and touching up all at tremendous expense, but worth the cost and trouble because there were 141 people buried within it!

Aloha, Mikie . . . . . . turned into a travel blog direct from Buenos Aires in early Feb for about a month.


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  1. Kathy Brown says:

    It’s a great travel blog though!!!!

  2. Wink says:

    I can see a book being written that you could sell to the airlines for tourism..

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