No Doubt About It – You’re Gonna Step in Dog Poop

The Argentine people love their dogs. Whether you’re in the 3+ million city of Buenos Aires or the smallest, poorest village you can imagine there are a lot of dogs. And though we’ve come across some snarly looking mongrels going at each other, the majority of the dogs pass you by with a rather nonchalant air and we’ve not yet been fearful ourselves.

This national canine affinity has created a nitch occupation quite common in the cities at least, that of “dog walker”.


Not surprizingly they are most often spotted in the morning and evening hours so the dogs can get a little exercise and do their business. And there is no doubt about it – You will step in dog crap at some point or another because sadly nobody seems to pick up their doggie droppings.

We, being star-struck gaping tourists, looking here, there and everywhere, but not always down, have both already experienced this squishy, stinky affront to our senses. There’s nothing to do but look for a puddle of water or a good patch grass or some dirt and then do the doggie-do stomp till you’re free of the stench.

Interestingly enough this phenomenon of dog walker (cuidador de perros), or literally ‘carer of dogs’ is so endeared to the hearts of the people, we saw a sculpture of the very thing at the National Museum of Arts (Palais de Glace) just yesterday.

Speaking to one of the museum attendants, I learned that a dog walker generally earns 10 pesos per hour ($2.30), times 8 critters is not bad work if you’re so suited.

More interesting tidbits from Argentina later,

Aloha, Mikie . . . . . . turned travel blog direct from Buenos Aires for the month of Feb.

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