200% Wet

“One hundred percent wet” is what was promised if you take a boat into the falls at Parque Nacional de Iguazu. And they we not lying. We got our money’s worth. (Be sure to take a look at the link provided above as the photos far surpass those I took while trying to survive the onslaught of water!)

Not a lot of contemplation went into this decision and I am not sure why we thought this was a good idea but into the falls we went! The falls are actually a network of up to as many as 275 waterfalls depending on the rainfall and level of the Rio Iguazu. And BTW, check out these catfish (the largest fresh water fish in South America, locally referred to as Sirubi). They were 3-4 feet in length and that’s no fish story!

We were with a group of mad-dog Argentines who would shout and cheer “Boca- Boca- Boca” each time the boat captain backed off a little, perhaps checking to see if we’d had enough. Boca Juniors is the pride and joy futbol club every true BsAs resident cherishes so to them it was a just another fight song and with that sort of encouragement image El Capitan gleefully turned the boat to give those on the other side the full brunt and pushed once again into the deluge.

Iguazu National Park is spread over thousands of acres of river and tropical jungle between Brazil and Argentinia. Iguazu Falls at 72 meters high is considerably taller than Niagra Falls which measures 51 meters, but Niagra produces nearly 4 times the water volume/minute as Iguazu.


Check out some other falls in comparison

The river feeding the falls was warm and we were provided thick waterproof bags for our shoes, cameras, etc., however that 3-day forecast of thunder showers that we had escaped in the previous 18 hours finally caught us and the rain was considerably colder, and now we were 200% wet! Taking dry shoes and socks out of the waterproof bag offered only fleeting consolation as we got thoroughly soaked on the fairly long trek back to the park exit (salida) in the downpour. From there it was a bus back to town al Centro for 10 pesos, and from there a 7-block walk (still raining) to Iguazu Jungle Lodge, our hotel where we luxuriated in a long hot shower -thankfully the last drenching of the day.

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