Here’s What Happens When You Relinquish Your Sovereign Rights

I cringe and basically want to puke every time I hear Obama and others defer to the UN -that multicultural group of racist dirt-bags whose principal goal is to condemn free, producing countries even though their hand is constantly extended palm up for the benefits, freebies and waivers.

Of course most European countries gave up their sovereign rights years ago by joining the European Union. As Wiki explains it, it entails each member being placed under binding laws in exchange for representation in the EU’s legislative and judicial institutions. How’s that been going? Ask Greece or for that matter Germany.

Who's winning?

With the worldwide war on Christianity and the quest for multiculturalism the British government plans to go before the European Court of Human Rights hoping to ban the visible wearing of crosses at work because displaying the symbol is not a recognized “requirement” of the Christian faith. Can America be far behind?

A nurse who has worn the cross for 30 years of working for The National Health Service is only one of many targets. The NHS permits exemptions for religious clothing and apparently this has been exercised with regard to other faiths, but not with regard to the wearing of a cross around the neck say senior Anglican bishops. Imagine that duplicity and hypocrisy when it comes to fair and equal application of the law.

Keep this in mind as our own government yields more and more American freedom and sovereignty to international tribunals, commissions and courts.

Here are just a few that threaten your freedom:

  • The Commission on Global Governance
  • The International Commission of Labor Rights
  • The Global Commission on Drug Policy (keep ’em flowing -it’s a great distraction?)
  • World Energy Commission (forbid drilling in US, but support Brazil’s oil exploration?)
  • World Judicial Commission
  • World Women’s Commission (except for abuses allowed under Sharia Law?)
  • The Global Commission on Climate Change
  • The International Criminal Court
  • The International Court of Justice (a treaty of the UN)

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