Something To Chew On This Sunday Morning -A New Currency

How’s your grocery money holding up lately? How about gas money? Thought about a flying vacation lately? Most of the middle class can barely afford to drive to and from work anymore. What’s up? Inquiring minds want to know.

Another thing you should be aware of is the bilateral trade agreements (I know, yawn, this is so boring) between the world’s 2nd and 3rd largest economies (China & Japan), forged in December 2011 to bypass the US dollar as an intermediate, i.e., China trades their Yuan directly with Japan for Japanese goods and visa versa, instead the old model using the US dollar, the global currency for all international trade. India and Japan now have similar swap agreements as well as Iran & Russia.

In short it makes the US dollar nugatory, trifling or inconsequential -NO LONGER NECESSARY!

And don’t be ignorant regarding the Amero, the currency of the North American Union (agreed to by Bush, Fox of Mexico and PM Martin of Canada in 2005) the ultimate removal of sovereignty which will result in a new currency and the total destruction of our dollar. Check it out, 1,640,895 views on YouTube.

I’m jes saying, it’s something to do on a Sunday.

Aloha, Mikie

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One Response to Something To Chew On This Sunday Morning -A New Currency

  1. Ray Santangelo says:

    In line with this I highly recommend the book “Currency Wars” by James Rickards. It will send a chill up your spine

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