Add To Cart – Paid For By The Obama Victory Fund 2012

It’s a 2-fer! Git Urs today.

“What you thought – we ain’t got no pride? You ready to see how we ride on the south side?”

“I was born a sweet lil baby but them starving streets raised me up crazy”.

. . . and now I am the President. If you feel dissed I cain’t help it, but

“This is my last election and after my election, I have more flexibility.”

Support President Obama’s re-election and keep the racial divide going. Choose between two classics, the hoodie (perfect for those cold Florida nights), or the latest gangsta gear beanie while waitin’ and hopin’ for that change!


Maybe you can even wear it on the floor of the Congress like Rep. Bobby Rush from Illinois!

Aloha, Mikie

PS- need a break from politics? Click the travel category on the right side panel to see my entries direct from Buenos Aires.


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