The Old Stodgy (& Corrupt) GOP v Conservatives

Ex-squeeze me,  please don’t label me Republican. Because one’s views are not hard left, one may think the only alternative is the GOP. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bush -no thank you. Big spender, part of the oligarchy, the elite, the powerful few. That story unfortunately is a long one going back several administrations. But we’re now at a crossroads.

(this video explains in very plain English the various forms of government).

Today there seems to be scant difference between the Dems & GOP, they’re all oligarchs. Rick Santelli’s tirade on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in Feb. 2009 is often credited with the rebirth of conservatism and the Tea Party movement.

“This is America. How many of you people want to pay for your neighbor’s mortgage for their extra bathroom when they can’t pay their bills? Raise Your Hands.” 

But this encore by an irate citizen at a town hall meeting hosted by the stuttering, stammering Republican, Arlen Specter later that year really got it going (the good part starts around 0:50 sec).

“This isn’t just about health-care, it’s not about TARP, it’s not about left or right. It’s about the systematic dismantling of this country.”

Try this out for Republican v Conservative:

John McCain, OMG just endorsed Richard Lugar, the Senator from Indiana who doesn’t even live in Indiana! Lugar’s voted for nearly $1T in bailouts; voted to confirm Supreme Court Justices: Bader-Ginsberg, Sotomayor & Kagan (all as left leaning as they come); voted for TARP and Cap & Trade and voted to raise the debt ceiling 15 times in his 36-year career. I say don’t let the door slam either of their sorry butts on the way out!

Sarah Palin conservative, BTW endorsed State Treasurer, Richard Mourdock, Lugar’s challenger for the senate seat.

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