“Anybody But Obama” Came True In West Virginia

What, me worry?


Admit it. Most of us have said it ourselves. Even not loving Mr. Romney, we’re gonna support and vote for him in the presidential election because after nearly 3 years of this president thrashing our Constitution & the rule of law, we’d vote for Anybody But Obama!

And they did just that in West Virginia’s recent Democratic primary election. Keith Judd, presently domiciled at Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution in Texas garnered 41% of the vote as opposed to Obama’s 51%.

Federal Inmate No. 11593-051

Judd paid the required $2,500 filing fee and fulfilled the other requirements to get on the West Virgina ballot and then managed a whopping 41% of the vote!

Why do you think the president suddenly evolved to a position of support for gay marriage less than 24 hours after that same issue took a trouncing in North Carolina and after Indiana’s Dick Lugar (Obama’s favorite Republican) lost the Republican primary after nearly 30 years in the Senate, to a conservative candidate who BTW lives in Indiana (Lugar has not since 1977)? Maybe to deflect and divert attention from his dismal job record and the recent Democratic party lumps?

Blue collar workers, rank and file not labor leaders or union thugs, are hurting all over the country. You think students with massive loan debt, unable to get real jobs are pleased? How about WV coal miners and all the collateral industry workers? You think they’re in love with Obama’s illegal, heavy handed EPA? And what about seniors unable to find doctors accepting Medicare patients after $500M was drained from Medicare to fund ObamaCare?

So hey, I say good luck with that ‘gay marriage’ deflection prez. There are too many jobs vanished, families, businesses, homeowners and middle class regular folk you’ve been abusing for the last 3 years to have them forget it in November.

Aloha, Mikie

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