Who Finds Time For Self-Pleasuring with 14 Kids?

There’s a law for nearly everything these days, so why not a law to simply limit the number of kids the government (read, taxpayers) will pay for? Call me cruel, heartless, racist and a misogynist (women hater) but why not?

The Octomom, Nadya Suleman has filed for bankruptcy! I remind you she was already on food stamps and Social Security Disability when she chose to have in-vitro fertilization. Raising 6 kids is not cheap -try 14!

Let’s see there’s s the ‘Button Cell Battery Safety Act’ to protect children and other consumers against the hazards of ingesting button cell batteries (found in electronic gizmos). Yeah gotta have a law for that. Next thing it will be against the law to leave spare change on your dresser or kitchen counter where the little rug-rats can snatch and swallow a dime or nickle.

Kids can’t sell lemonade on the sidewalk with out a permit, and in Tenafly, NJ they require fingerprinting of all little league volunteers! But hey, it’s discriminatory to have Voter ID laws! Fourteen kids and on public assistance, no problem.

Aloha, Mikie

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