Newsweek Cover: The First Gay President; Politics or Deflection?

First of all, I doubt anybody on the planet believes Obama evolved into his position on gay marriage. But why now all the buzz though slightly below the radar, about Barrack Obama being gay? Is our President coming out of the closet? Was this politics or personal deflection?

With Democratic primary competitors popping up lately (Keith Judd in the West Virginia Primary last week, and John Wolfe a more serious contender going up against Obama in Arkansas), are the DNC or the puppeteers getting nervous? Will Hillary have to jump in?

After Herman Cain was drummed out of  the primaries with a barrage of sexual harassment claims, none of which proved to be founded in truth, the gutsy co-hosts of HillBuzz & Mrs. Fox Radio, a stay-at-home mom, Megan Fox and Kevin DuJan (a former centrist Democrat-turned-Independent-turned proud conservative Republican -who happens to be gay) did a blistering radio interview with Larry Sinclair who claims to have had more than one tryst with the President.

Following a few more leads:  Kal Penn; the Chicago Down-low Club; Man’s Country bathhouse; Obama’s Occidental college roommate; and the term “beard companion” collectively give me a bad case of the creeps.

Aloha, Mikie

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