An Idea Obama Has Not Thought of -Yet

I just hope Obama was playing golf or packing for his Paris campaigning trip, just so he missed Chris Rock’s ‘Sup wid dat?’ skit in reference to the minors in the military, too young to vote. Granted it does raise a valid question, but one more logically debated in a non election year.

Nothing will surprise us now after Chief Justice Roberts’ absurd ruling on Obamacare, but be ready to be knocked back again. I don’t think winning that battle will necessarily make it a slam-dunk for Obama in November and when he comes down from the high he’s gonna go right on looking for a new voter group to pander to.

He’s done okay pandering, gaining support last year from the GLBT crowd after announcing the DOJ would no longer uphold DOMA (marriage defined as a union between one man & and one woman). Then his fabricated GOP war on women (never mind the gender-based infanticide performed by Planned Parenthood, that pro-choice facilitator so revered by the left). Did all those babies really choose to die that way? Yes, don’t forget back-door amnesty favoring illegals over citizens, locking up most of the Hispanic vote, followed of course by his huge and surprising victory with the Supremes last week.

I can’t help it, June 28, 2012 will from now on be known to me as DEPENDENCE Day very likely becoming the watershed moment, the tipping point when the takers in Amerika outnumber the makers.

Fortunately I’m on vacation (family reunion in Las Vegas followed by a 2-week road trip visiting National Parks in the 4-corners area)


Checkerboard Mesa, Zion

so we were able to grieve in private over Obamacare, or Obama-don’t-care, as Herman Cain says. Not that we don’t have our share of bonehead relatives (the younger, idealistic, mostly uninformed college brainwashed type) who were celebrating as we were crying in our beer.

But we better hope Obama doesn’t catch Chris Rock’s comedy bit because it would be the ultimate coup, winning over the youth vote for sure and at least a few of the very youngest in the military. After all, it’s just not fair that young men and women (many no more than peach-faced kids) who volunteer for our Armed Forces, should be denied the right to vote just because it happens to be against the law. When this idea does occur to him, Obama will by executive order, privilege, or fiat on a Friday afternoon no doubt (while Boehner and the rest of the losers in Congress scratch their heads), lower the voting age to 18. And why not take care of the legal drinking age too so everyone can really get down and par-tay?

I’m jes’ saying. Nothing will surprise me anymore.

Aloha, Mikie
~just a blogger (fighting like a girl)


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