Senator McCain Is An ‘Over The Hill’ Windbag, But His Views Are Dangerous

Put McCain out to pasture already. Who can forget his “the economy is basically sound” as the housing market was in full implode?

Last year re the Arab Spring, McCain emphatically stated in a Der Spiegel interview, he unalterably opposed to Obama’s tolerance of the Muslim Brotherhood (who BTW are now discussing destroying the Pyramids).

“They are a radical group supporting sharia law . . . . They are unapologetic Islamic supremacists who say outright that they are on a grand jihad to destroy America and the West.”

This public school cafeteria becomes a “Muslims-only” Mosque every Friday in Canada

Now he panders the “M-Bros” right along with John RINO Boehner, Speaker of the House, lambasting conservative House members calling for investigation into Islamic influence being exercised within the U.S. government.

According to the Center for Security Policy,

“McCain has made it clear he had not actually reviewed the extensive documentation of the ongoing stealthy ‘civilization jihad’ being mounted against this country and its civil society institutions and government.”

His ignorance is highlighted by his defense of Huma Abedine (of Anthony Weiner fame), who happens to be  Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff and confidant.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on the Permanent Select Intelligence & Financial Services Committees, knows a thing or two. Her questions about Abedine’s top security clearance are valid as Abedine has immediate family members (mother, brother & deceased father) with long ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The irrefutable facts are documented by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann in her response letter to Keith Ellison. The stated aim of the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate all facets of American life. Abedine’s mother is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, whose  goals are to work at all levels with the message of the Brotherhood. The Islamic goal is world domination.

As in Nazi Germany, it’s your choice. Shine a light or be ignorant. Start here:

Muslim Congressman Andre Carter recently said our schools should be modeled after Madassas (where terrorists are trained).

Representative Keith Ellison, Muslim from MN has a history of support to CAIR (hater of American free speech rights).

Grover Norquist -creates appeal as a tax reformist, but has a long history of supporting the Islamist agenda starting under Bush & now greatly metastasized under Obama.

Kamal Nawash, Faisal Gill & Imad Ramadan – are all Muslims Norquist coaxed to run for elective office in Virginia making inroads in state & local politics.

Come on people, ACT! for America.

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