You Go Gabby & To Hell With You NBC!

Wow! What a phenom! This kid deserves everything good that comes her way after doing so well at the Olympics and working so hard to get there. She won the Best All Around Individual Title and the Team Gold Medal in Gymnastics, and she’s just 16 years old!

Too dang bad it was somewhat marred by NBC’s “coincidental” placement of the monkey commercial on gymnastic rings immediately following Gabby’s excellent performance.

You may recall NBC left out an important part (“Under God”) of the Pledge of Allegiance during the US Open last year. They also censored out the 6-minute tribute to the London 7/7 terrorist bomb victims from the Opening Ceremony.

DEPLORABLE. Shame on you NBC.

It galls me to no end that liberals, lefties and the mainstream media are the first to play the race card. If you disagree with Eric Holder or Obama – well then obviously you are racist.

Try confronting libtards with the fact that it was the Democratic Party that continually filibustered against passage of Civil Rights Legislation from the beginning. Democrat Strom Thurmond, opposed passage with the longest filibuster by a single Senator, speaking 24 hrs/18 minutes and Democratic constituents were upset with their senators for not helping Thurmond defeat it. Years later the poll tax was abolished in the Voting Rights act of 1965, with three-fourths of the nay votes coming from Democrats!

And why do so many people keep voting Democratic?

  • They were raised that way
  • Democrats are for the little guy
  • Democrats care more
  • It feels like they want to help everybody
  • They’re trying
  • They will do better if you give them more time

Serial-lib voters are the most ill-informed group you can ever meet. It’s all about feelings. They will not discuss details or facts with you. They do not want to know the truth. Oh yeah, and they want the free stuff.

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