Bar-B-Que Brush Bristles & Guitar Makers Clearly Need More Regulation

Yup, just this morning I see in my morning paper the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has its knickers all a-twist over a report of ingested Bar-B-Que bristles. Six cases of accidental ingestion between July 2009 and November 2010.

No particular brand of brush has been identified but clearly it needs more study and possibly a product recall or even ~who would believe it, other regulatory action! OMG we cannot have people swallowing Bar-B-Que brush bristles can we?

How many ‘Mom & Pops’ like this will they close down?

But seriously, lives could be saved here. If not lives, well endangered products or arcane species. So government regulation and interference intervention sometimes actually makes a difference coming down on the throats of businesses and their owners.

Look at Gibson Guitar CEO Henry Juszkiewicz. It only took three years (hat-tip and two raids by federal agents carrying automatic weapons (that’s where we need some damn gun control!) for old Henry to get the message:

“We felt compelled to settle ($300,000 penalty and $50,000 community service payment) as the costs of proving our case at trial would have cost millions of dollars and taken a very long time to resolve. This allows us to get back to the business of making guitars. An important part of the settlement is that we are getting back the materials seized in a second armed raid on our factories and we have formal acknowledgement that we can continue to source rosewood and ebony fingerboards from India, as we have done for many decades.”

If this isn’t heavy-handed action by the Feds on a small businessman providing jobs, I don’t know what you could call it.

In the eyes of the government, whether it’s county, state or federal, there’s always a need for more regulation. This is how bureaucrats stay employed and always results in higher taxes, more paperwork, lost production and control of the free markets.

You need to vote and vote right!

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