What An Opportunity to See If We Will Only Look

Here you go, democracy at it’s best right there on the big screen. It is sad and disheartening how quickly the vast majority of politicians elected move from

“I’m here to do the people’s work” to-

“I’m here to amass power & stay in office as long as possible”

The incredulity expressed as more and more people disengage from the system, from voting or even caring is nothing more than denial. And why are so many people turned off to the most wonderful thing we have as a free people -Liberty? Because it’s been hijacked by a simple but pervasive disregard for the rule of law. 

The GOP here is intent on keeping party control at the top, trying to marginalize the Ron Paul & Tea Party delegates. The vote conducted by Speaker Boehner requires a two-thirds majority to carry. Here’s how that played out. ” The Ayes have it” -are you kidding? Where was this Russia or China?

The DEMs had a schizophrenic moment wanting to walk-back their controversial removal of GOD and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, from their party platform, but they had an even harder time making democracy work. It took old Anthony Villaraigosa three floor voice votes to channel his dictator self. Pretty amusing if it weren’t so sad.

And why do you supposed that “Arab American” lady down in front looked so disappointed? Springtime came much quicker in Egypt but it’s gonna take the Islamists a little more time to get rid of us Christians perhaps.

This is why we cannot disengage. They will not stop!

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

One Response to What An Opportunity to See If We Will Only Look

  1. Harland Kroll says:

    I didn’t see the Boehner vote, I was on the mainland visiting with my kids, but I did see the Dem’s vote on changing the party platform. At first it was shocked by the vote that was clearly a NO majority, but then I thought that it was typical Obama way of doing things, if you don’t get your way do it anyway. What a joke. We are quickly losing our Liberty. Sad isn’t it?

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