Where Will Obamas Call Home After Their Trouncing In Novermber?

This makes interesting cocktail chatter unless you live in Hawaii on Oahu, and then it’s downright frightening! Imagine living on an island and at the drop of a hat (or a pick-up basketball game, or a fish & poi pick-up for that matter), the freeway and all affected crossroads are swarming with Secret Service and closed to us ordinary citizens? That’s what it would be if the Obamas end up back in Hawaii after losing in November. Give a listen to this interview:


If you thought traffic was bad on Oahu now (it is!) you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! And once Obama’s Presidential Library (Center for Social Justice) resides on the University of Hawaii campus, that’s all she wrote baby!

Michele Obama’s mother house-hunting in Hawaii for 2013

That’s right. Word on the street by way of Kevin DuJan, a conservative deep in enemy territory (Chicago) has it that the hard money in Chicago is not going to Obama’s campaign this time, but to his 2013 relocation to Hawaii and funding his presidential library. Theory:  Why throw good money after bad when you can feather your nest for pardons and favors after he loses in November?

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