Yippee, Another Raise In Our Allowance From The Federal Reserve . . . & A Cut in Our Credit Rating

Oh Boy! More Allowance!

The credit rating companies did it last April in reaction to Congress raising the debt ceiling in the absence of any real indication our government was serious about reducing the debt. So this week after the Federal Reserve and the criminal fed chairman, Ben Bernanke effectively instituted QE3 (the 3rd round of printing money), our rating has again be reduced. This time from “AA” to “AA-“.

Egan-Jones cut it’s rating on the U.S. government because it believes the Federal Reserve’s qualitative easing (printing money with no monetary backing) with hurt the economy and our ability to repay our debt!

How much are they printing this time?

Answer:  $40,000,000,000 / month!

How long will they do this?

Answer:  Indefinitely

Where does the money come from?

Answer:  Thin air

What will the result be?

Answer:  Higher food, gas & electricity

Who said this is 2008?

“Under my plan, electricity will necessarily skyrocket.”

Answer:  Barack Hussein Obama

Who will it hurt the most?

Answer:  The poor, elderly, single parent families

Who will you vote for him again?

Answer:  Only the ignorant!

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