Facts We Can No Longer Afford to Ignore, PART 2

2)  Radical Islamic organizations have infiltrated our government at ALL levels including the White House, these key agencies and others:

  1. Director of National Intelligence
  2. State Department
  3. Justice Department
  4. The Pentagon
  5. Department of Homeland Security
  6. National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Bill Wittle’s interview with a Former Special Agent (FBI) and a retired Dept of Defense Analyst charged with researching and advising on Islamist jihadi operational methods is nothing short of shocking!

Don’t be ignorant. Be informed, be vigilant, trust but verify, make sure your children are not being indoctrinated in the classroom. The videos in this “Facts” Series illustrate what free Americans can no longer afford to ignore. Please watch and re-watch them & pass them around. Become a Force Multiplier!

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