When The President, The Supremes & Most of Congress Behaves Outside of the Law Why Should We Expect Different Behavior From Law Enforcement or Even The Public?

You see bad behavior is a learned behavior and bad behavior that goes unpunished rewards and encourages more bad behavior.

There are numerous lawsuits winding their way through the court system challenging the President on any number of blatant illegal and unconstitutional acts. He and his cohorts in the InJustice Department have been at this game so long our system of checks and balances is shot. Those in Congress have looked the other way and ignored the illegal acts of the other 2 branches because the system of spoils is endemic and they too benefit from the lawlessness.

Naturally this behavior filters down to our society and is very aptly demonstrated in the horrific beating-death of a homeless man. Those cops in Fullerton, Calif got away with murder! Kelly Thomas, the mentally ill homeless man was harmless and unarmed. They tasered him 5 times and the beating lasted 32 minutes. There were witnesses and it all was captured on security cameras, but the cops were acquitted and walked away.

We’re in a downward spiral and it will not end well

Congress has made itself irrelevant. President Obama says he doesn’t care what the legislative branch does,

“I have a pen and a phone”

He says he wants to make sure this is a country that if you work hard, you can make it. But in reality, if you work hard he’s gonna knee-cap you!

“This (hat-tip Sovereign Man) is the sort of thing you’d expect in Ukraine, Syria or Equatorial Guinea. And yet, it happened in the ‘Land of the Free’ . . . aka, the United Police States of America.”

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