Million Muppet March Planned To Save Big Bird’s Federal Funding

Let me remind you of the parting rant from Greg Smith, the Goldman Sachs executive who said he was sick of hearing customers referred to as Muppets; suckers to be fleeced by the big banks and hedge funds like Goldman where he had been for 12 years.

Now a new & different muppet protest is in the offing. After Romney cleaned NObama’s clock, apparently Sesame Street fans (not unlike Planned Parenthood fans) are aghast at the thought of losing the federal cheese, so a Hollywood animation exec and an Idaho student are planning a Million Muppet March for November 3rd at the National Mall in Washington DC three days before the election.

Me, I sorta agree with my friend Bob:

Ladies and gentlemen, we have got to cut the wheat from the chaff here. We need to do a HELL of a lot of cutting in the way of PC bull-crap, spending and government reform as soon as Romney/Ryan get there and we’re all gonna feel it or it’s won’t have been enough!

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)


2 Responses to Million Muppet March Planned To Save Big Bird’s Federal Funding

  1. Tommy says:

    I’m watching the contest with some interest; as a Brit I don’t have a say in the election itself. I’m fairly certain that Obama is going to carry it, given the state of most of the polls in his favour (yes I am aware of the Gallup), but this could change over the next few weeks.

    I’d be interested in what you think about my take on social media and the US elections:

    • Mikie ~just a blogger says:

      You are all wet Tommy. Romney wins in a LANDSLIDE. We are sick of the imposter. But that’s just the start. Romney will have to be super aggressive in re-vamping how govt works (doesn’t right now); spending, entitlements,etc. Doubt he’s really up to the job. UK will get their chance too cause when the dollar collapses, the whole pile of cards comes down. If nothing else it’ll be interesting.

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