Bring In Catholic Nuns (like taught me in school) To Be Debate Moderators!

Okay, I am not Catholic and did not go to Catholic schools but enough of you did to get my drift (actually Kevin DuJan’s point, “I’d love to see the debates moderated by nuns, actually… like the ones who taught me in Catholic school. Nuns with buzzers and rulers who wouldn’t take sides or accept crap from anyone.”

Candy (Creepy Crowley) was pitiful as a moderator last night unless her job was to falsely fact check Romney midstream, throwing Obama a life ring in the middle of another flat-out lie. If the buck ultimately stops with him on the Benghazi cover-up (after tossing Hilldebeast down the escalator) why continue to perpetuate the lie again in the debate last night?

The Commission on Presidential Debates, a nonprofit, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) corporation established in 1987 should lose its non-profit status -today!
Just who are the debate moderators this election season and how non-partisan are they?
  • Jim Lehrer -executive editor for PBS (where even Juan Williams was too conservative)
  • Martha Raddatz -Obama attended her wedding, the groom was later was tapped by Obama to head the FCC
  • Candy Crowley -Chief Political Correspondent & CNN Anchor publicly opined that Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan was a “Death Wish Ticket”
  • Bob Schieffer -Chief Washington Correspondent, CBS News. Shieffer & his CBS cohorts edited out portions of a 60-Minutes Romney & Ryan interview in August to shape the left’s narrative
Here is a GREAT RESOURCE listing Commission Members, their Board & Staff and Sponsors to voice your concerns about the dismal moderating of this years election debates.

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