Makers vs Takers Survey of States; Few Surprises Here

If you’re wondering which states to invest discretionary investment funds (for those who remember what they are) here’s the answer.

The 5 best run states in the country (hat-tip The Blaze) in terms of well-managed budgets, deficits, per capita income & debt,  and unemployment) are led by Republican governors with Republican State Legislatures. You don’t say! Here they are:

1.  North Dakota
2.  Wyoming
3.  Nebraska
4.  Utah
5.  Iowa

Conversely, 4 of 5 of the bottom run states in the country are primarily ruled by Democrats, although New Jersey has that ‘oh so conservative Republican governor, Chris (Krispy Cream) Christie, the state legislature is Democratic controlled. Likewise Rhode Island’s governor, Lincoln Chafee calls himself Independent but he is overshadowed by a totally Democratic legislature.

The anomoly seems to be Arizona. It is totally in the hands of Republicans and yet it comes up forth from the bottom.

In Yo Face!

Could it be those little problems Governor Jan Brewer has had with Nobama and the exceedingly high burden of illegals draining public resources in Arizona? Not sure.

Here are the bottom of the heap states (do not buy tax-free bonds here!):

46.   New Jersey
47.   Arizona
48.   Illinois
49.   Rhode Island
50.  California

I say let’s get back to the 10th Amendment -state rule, and keep the federal government out of each state’s business except as those enumerated by the Constitution (for those who remember what that is).

Aloha, Mikie

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