**ACTION Alert** GOP Speaker John Boehner Needs Smack-Down! Call 202-225-0600

Call Boehner’s office at 202225-0600 and tell him to use the House’s power of the purse to get spending cuts –don’t make deals with the devil. Did he keep his promises before? NO!

John Boehner and the Republican Establishment have been caught stripping important committees of principled fiscal conservatives who fight against their BIG GOVERNMENT AGENDA!

Rep. Tim Huelskamp (KS) Removed from the House Budget Committee (96% Freedom Works Lifetime Rating)

Rep. Justin Amash (MI) – Removed from the House Budget Committee   (100% FreedomWorks Lifetime Rating)

Rep. David Schweikart (AZ) – Removed from the House Financial Services (96% FreedomWorks Lifetime Rating)

This is the first shot across the bow.  Boehner and his big government cronies are stealthily trying to purge committees of loyal fiscal Congressmen who have been upholding their commitments to the people who elected them.

Now you know whose side Speaker Boehner is on. This purge disempowers elected officials of principle and invites those who onlywant to be re-elected and favored by BigGovernmentcareerpoliticians to stay.

Call Boehner’s office at 202-225-0600 and tell him to restore these fiscal conservatives to their respective committees IMMEDIATELY!

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