Another Sad Day

The media has already run the latest gun tragedy into the ground with the story still less than 24 hours old, but this picture below really does say it all. My heart and prayers go to all the families and friends, and the Newtown, Connecticut community -hell, the human community. But everyone needs to understand stopping senseless murders like this or those in the Oregon mall last week or Columbine or Virginia Tech or anywhere else is NOT going to happen with tighter gun control.

Criminals aren’t reading your gun control legislation!gun control

Could it possibly be that people are going bonkers due to:

  • Uncertainty about the economy?
  • Job loss & hopelessness?
  • The breakdown of the nuclear family?
  • No more school prayer?
  • Atheists pushing God out of everything?
  • Greed over character & principles?
  • The loss of personal responsibility?
  • The endless smut out of Hollywood?
  • Deadbeat fathers?
  • Severe shortage of mental health services?
  • Political Correct bull-crap over TRUTH?

Hat-tip Roger of Rmactsc, Survival Considerations When the SHTF.

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3 Responses to Another Sad Day

  1. Sue Moss says:

    On thinking of these tragic shootings and the people committing these shootings it seems like there is a failure in our health services for the mentaly ill. Maybe we should look at this and figure out away to help these sick minds before they start killing people!

  2. rmactsc says:

    Keep up the excellent work 🙂 I am so tired of the media perverting everything they can to make attempts at another gun grab from law abiding citizens. Punish the criminals and let the rest of us who are law abiding citizens maintain the means to defend ourselves and our families.

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