The Code of Federal Regs -More “Nasty” Coming Our Way In The Form of Black Boxes

More regulation, oversite, the heavy hand on our shoulders coming our way from the CFR better known the Code of Federal Regulations. Here is a phrase you should commit to memory, then run, don’t walk in the other direction any time you hear it applied to U.S. Citizens. An example, called MAP 21, a highway bill heavily promoted Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer of California (so you know you’re gonna love it!).

Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act

black box

Black boxes like this to be installed in all new cars

The Senate already passed its version back in April, but fortunately it stalled in the House. This bill provides for a black box to be installed in ALL cars starting in 2015. Among other things it will measure, record and keep track of:

  • the weight of the driver and any passengers
  • routes taken
  • where you park and for how long
  • what speed you traveled at a particular time
  • whether or not you take short cuts

And naturally it’s to protect you, akin to the renown black boxes so crucial in the aftermath of airplane crashes. But according to MAP21 is also notable because there is a provision attached that would allow the IRS to strip Americans of their passports restricting foreign travel if they owe enough tax money.

So what’s NObama’s answer? Do it administratively of course and he did just that a few days ago. Bypassing Congress (again) NObama has issued an administrative rule that when adopted would mandate the installation of black boxes in all cars and light trucks beginning in 2014. It less like Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21 Century and more like tyranny to me.Obama thrashing the Constitution

But slightly more than half of American voters gave him permission to do this and more on November 6, 2012. BTW, will this regulation be good for car and truck sales or worse??

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