Ha-ha-ha! That’s A Good One: Conservative Victory Party to Pick GOP Candidates For Us

Have your heard? Karl Rove one of the mega-brains behind the Republican Party, is starting a new Super-Pac and he’s adopted the typical misnomer strategy of the left by calling it the Conservative Victory Project. Ha-ha-ha-ha! That’s a gut-buster.

Calling it conservative the strategy goes, low information voters and middle-right Americans will jump aboard. All it really insures is Rove and his cohorts control the money doled out by the Republican Party, and incumbents (the go along to get along crowd) keep their seats & power. Oh yes and Rove, etal, will dominate every talk-show on the right from here through 2014 and into the next presidential election. And win or lose Rove gets paid!

Remember his full sweep prediction? Romney would win in a landslide and Republicans would take the House AND the Senate. Really? So what happened to the last victory you called, Rove?

They blame the Tea Party supporting too many unqualified candidates who beat out GOP incumbents in primaries, only to fail in the general. To prevent this again, the Cocktail Party, RINOs, the establishment in the GOP, whatever you want to call them, are thumping this Super-PAC with the central theme of a Conservative Victory.

Gag me is all I can say. We don’t need no more stinkin’ RINOs who:

  • Cave to every stupid idea the left comes up with for fear of looking bad
  • Agree to tax increases to make a deal, without demanding spending cuts
  • Love base-line budgeting (automatic spending increases every year)
  • Think ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ will pull in minority votes
  • Defend the Muslim Brotherhood abroad and in our own government
  • Failed to prosecute for scandals like ‘Fast & Furious’ & Benghazi
  • Refuse to call Terrorists what they are
  • Refuse to call Illegal Immigrants what they are
  • Don’t ‘get’ the 2nd Amendment

I think you get the picture, so beware when the Conservative Victory Party comes a knocking.

We have to start doing things differently!

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

2 Responses to Ha-ha-ha! That’s A Good One: Conservative Victory Party to Pick GOP Candidates For Us

  1. Olive Hill says:

    I agree completely—–but what must we do?

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