This Is a Very Brave Man, Telling The Turth Right in His Face

Benjamin Carson, pediatric surgeon at Johns Hopkins, delivered an amazing speech this week at the National Prayer Breakfast with Obama one seat away. No subject was left unturned: the damage and danger of PC bull-crap (my words), fiscal irresponsibility, dumbing down our education (Calif just dropped algebra from 8th grade requirements), the national debt and health care. In fact Dr. Carson (20 minute in) nails the fix to our health care debacle in 43 seconds!

This is what I did:  put it on ‘full-screen’ and watch Obama’s face. At one point toward the end, he’s checking his phone.

Yes my friends, this is a brave and profound, and BTW a black man.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)


2 Responses to This Is a Very Brave Man, Telling The Turth Right in His Face

  1. joymaker says:

    Hey Mikie! As I posted many times when this fantastic video appeared, I hope Dr. Carson hires a security staff. I was fantasizing about a “fantasy government” sort of like my sons and their fantasy football; Dr. Carson would be one of my contenders for president simply because he can think critically (problem:solution) and he answers to a mighty God!

    Have a great weekend! DiMax

    Dianne Maxwell


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