It’s Always A Weekend. The Famous Document Dump; Nefarious Laws Passed On Fridays or Just Prior To Holidays, etc., Conveniently Hiding What They’re Doing

You asked for it -here you go. Find what you're looking for!

You asked for it -here you go. Find what you’re looking for!

What am I talking about? Well wasn’t it late on New Year’s Eve 2011 that President Obama signed -while on vacation in Hawaii the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) which included allowing the military to indefinitely detain terror suspects ~including Americans in the United States, without charge?


This shelters the LameStreamMedia from having to do their job. And here we are over a year later with many Americans only made aware of this slip into tyranny thanks to Senator Paul Rand’s filibuster where he belabored this point and others, for over 13 hours finally eliciting an answer from Eric Holder that in fact it was not constitutional to do so.

Same goes for damning & embarrassing Fast & Furious documents by the truck-load routinely dumped late on Fridays, and only after months of Freedom of Information Act requests; ditto for Solyndra information. Or how about this weekend’s revelation on the 3 Benghazi diplomatic security survivors, apparently silenced for the last 6 months by Nobama regime?

In case you’ve forgotten, this administration is the most transparent ever! If you don’t believe it you just need to start paying more attention on late Friday afternoons and especially holiday weekends. BTW, Cyprus subscribes to the same formula of disclosure. Neither Russian oligarchs nor the mafia (think money laundering and tax shelter) will find this amusing as much of those deposits in Cyprus belong to wealthy Rooskies and the Russian mob.

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