Planned Parenthood Stumbles and Stammers in Defense of Infanticide

Pay close attention. What does “after birth abortion” mean? An abortion followed by birth doesn’t work any way you twist it. That would be murder!Newborn-Baby-150x150

A Planned Parenthood lobbyist in Florida recently testified against a ‘Born Alive’ infant protection bill (Florida HB 1129) that would give human rights to babies born after a botched abortion. Huh? Wasn’t partial birth abortion bad enough? Pulling viable babies from the womb and snuffing them out, an act BTW our illustrious president voted for and defended as an Illinois State Senator.

This lady (Alisa LaPolt Snow) is a deceitful bitch! Pro-choice gives no choice to the unborn or in this case, a baby who somehow survives an abortion attempt. The truth is it gives the mother the choice to murder her child and the act is sanctioned by Planned Parenthood and the state. And our tax dollars support this behavior.

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One Response to Planned Parenthood Stumbles and Stammers in Defense of Infanticide

  1. john t green says:

    Are these people as dumb as a rock? These people are commiting murder and should go to prison.

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