More Deceit & Slime From The Left; Mark Kelly’s Gun Buy Charade & His Pit Bull Killing a Baby Seal

Hat-tip Breitbart. Mark Kelly, husband of Gabby Giffords who was seriously injured in the Arizona shooting 2 years ago is on a personal crusade to deprive law-abiding citizens of their gun rights with a bit of self-promotion thrown in.

Gifford & Kelly with new gun -but note the pit bull in background

Giffords & Kelly with new gun -but note the pit bull in background

Kelly trying to illustrate how easy background checks are, made an “undercover” video of himself with a hidden pocket camera buying a handgun at a gun store in Arizona on March 5th –thirteen days after being denied the purchase using an out of state ID! I guess it wasn’t so easy, but he edited this part out of the video. Kelly’s AR-15 purchase was also halted by gun store owner due to his statement on the background check that the gun would be for his personal use -and later in the media stating his intent in buying the gun was for reasons other than his personal use. THIS TOO WAS MISSING FROM THE VIDEO.

And Kelly’s exposure in another video posted a week ago doesn’t do his image any good either. Look closely at the pit bull in the background in the photo above.

Beachgoers filmed this video of Mark Kelly pulling his daughter’s pit bull off a pup seal it killed. I guess it’s not so easy to protect harmless baby seals either. This wasn’t on Kelly’s facebook page, but it needs to be exposed. Jes sayin’ . . . .

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