Sunday Fun Courtesy Of Max Keiser; A Currency With NO Middleman -Bitcoin

Aren’t you sick of the Too Big To Fail Too Big to JAIL banksters (Eric Holder actually said they were too big to prosecute) still walking the streets and thriving as if nothing happened and not one single person responsible for billions in losses WORLDWIDE to the account holders, small businesses, homeowners, and all the rest of us in the form of staggering unemployment and inflation, being convicted or in the slammer?

The entire video is very informative (and amusing!) but if you want to skip ahead to see the bitcoin part jump forward to about 12:00 min.

I’ll bet Cypriots wish they’d known another way before the Troika (the International Monetary Fund, The European Commission and the European Central Bank) forced the “take it or leave it” ultimatum on the Cypriot government.

And don’t think this just happens in Europe. Our regulators aren’t exactly very vigilant either. Remember these warning signs?

  • Jamie Dimon -CEO of JP Morgan Chase continually lied to regulators understating the risky investments routinely made by the bank’s traders generating more than 6 Billion in losses.
  • Jon Corzine -ex Gov of NJ, ex Senator, major crook responsible for stealing 1.6 Billion in segregated funds from account holders at MF Global. He’s just been given the green light to start a new hedge fund.
  • HSBC -the world’s 2nd largest bank, admitted laundering billions in drug money and supporting terrorists. They got the slap on the wrist and settled for what amounts to about 5 weeks of income. NO JAIL TIME, no convictions.
  • The LIBOR scandal -the huge interest rate rigging by the big banking cartels, aided and abetted by the Govts who have for all purposes removed any regulation of the banks

What happened in ALL the above cases (of several) is debt & losses has been transferred from the banks, where it properly belongs, to households & individuals, who had no part in their lending decisions. Clear & simple thievery by the banks and condoned by the government -to hell with the people!

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