We Are Being Played For Fools. Everyone is at The Table (The Immigration Table) Except You & Me!

A seat at the table


I really like Senator Marco Rubio and I would have voted for him had I been a Florida resident in his district, but he’s been hi-jacked by the Republican leadership, you know the RINOs like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell -who BTW happen to want massive immigration, open borders, cheap labor, to hell with national security and American sovereignty.

And according to TheRightScoop, Mitch McConnell & other GOP higher-ups specifically targeted Marco Rubio to be included in the Gang of Eight for the distinct purpose of pulling in (conning) the conservatives and Tea Party types. Heck, Rubio very likely would not have been elected were it not for the Tea Party and their backing. In fact, Mark Levin had him on his show numerous times to help him get elected, as he did Senator Ted Cruz and other conservatives like Senator Mike Lee of Utah, all elected as freshmen in the House sweep of 2012.

But the sad truth is groups like La Raza, the US Chamber of Commerce, huge technology companies and people like Facebook’s Zukerburg, Google’s Eric Schmidt, Bill Gates -all billionaire liberal Democrats, have spent millions of dollars shaping the immigration law to meet their big corporate needs. All of these groups/people have been at the table from the beginning, but we are left out in the cold, uninvited as our future is shaped behind closed doors without us. And they plan to ram this through Congress and pass it just like The (Un)Affordable Care Act (aka: Obamacare).

Everyone needs to get involved here with some major push-back or we’ll be left scratching our heads in a couple of years, scrambling to learn Spanish so we can fill out our applications for food stamps and welfare! Use this link to contact your Senate & House members and tell them “Secure the border -then get back to us. Period.”

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