A Deficit of Trust . . . . Ya Think? Congress Guts The STOCK Act Outlawing Insider Trading By Govt. & Obama Signs It -No Fanfare This Time

After Steve Croft’s exposure on 60-Minutes, of perhaps the biggest wealth-builder for US Congressmen/women and Senators, i.e., insider trading, Obama made big theater of signing the STOCK Act (Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act) in an effort to repair the “trust deficit” the American public has for its leaders.

This was before the election of course. Just like any truthful, extensive investigation of Benghazi, who needs it running up to an election? Well, don’t give up boys and girls because the truth may still come out on that one. But gutting the STOCK act is really reprehensible.

Maybe this explains why the stock market is so high in the face of heaps of absolutely, dismal GLOBAL economic news.

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