DuckDuckGo – The Browser That Doesn’t Track You, Unlike Google

Time to sh*t-can Google!

Fig. 1

When you search Google, and click on a link,

Fig. 2

your search term is usually sent to that site,

Fig. 3

along with your browser & computer info,

Fig. 4

which can often uniquely identify you.

Fig. 5

That’s creepy, but who cares about some random site?

Those sites usually have third-party ads,

Fig. 6

and those third-parties build profiles about you,

Fig. 7

and that’s why those ads follow you everywhere.

Fig. 8

That’s creepy too, but who cares about some herpes ads?

Your profile can also be sold,

Fig. 9

and potentially show up in unwanted places,

like higher prices and getting insurance.

Fig. 10

But there’s more.

Fig. 11

Remember your searches?

Fig. 12

Google also saves them.

Fig. 13

Your saved searches can be legally requested,

and then come back to bite you (happens).

Fig. 14

Or a bad Google employee could go snooping (happens).

Fig. 15

Or Google could get hacked (happens).

Fig. 16

That’s why we don’t send your searches to other sites.

Fig. 17

Or store any personal information at all.

That’s our privacy policy in a nutshell.

Fig. 18

So don’t get tracked when searching.

Use DuckDuckGo instead.  

Privacy is just one of many reasons why it’s awesome.

Fig. 19 Google tracks you, we don't

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  1. Khursheed says:

    That is horrible.

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