How Immigration Reform (with or without The Corker Amendment) Will Crush American Workers

Hat-tip Gumpy Elder.

  • This bill is amnesty. We saw this in 1986 and many of the same players who made the promises then are the same ones making the same promises today.
  • Democrats want this for politics.  If that weren’t so, why do they insist on a path to citizenship and immediate legalization before border security.
  • Latinos will not support the Republican Party if the Senate immigration bill is passed. They haven’t in the past after all previous changes to immigration laws and they won’t this time.
  • This bill will not stop illegal immigration. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates it will decrease illegal immigration by only 25%. Many illegals don’t want to be legal, they want to work and send money (taken from American workers) back home.
  • The Senate immigration bill will lead to 46 million new citizens and immigrants — possibly more. And the “Gang of 8” bill allows those already here to be immediately eligible for state welfare including visa-violators. Because all illegals normalized receive waivers from ObamaCare, employers will more likely hire them over Americans because employers avoid the $2,000 ObamaCare fines.
  • Republicans supporting this bill will go nowhere. They will be punished by Conservative voters in 2014 & 2016 because conservative voters do not what this bill.

Demand Border SecurityPlease support Ted Cruz’s online petition drive!   Sign it, share it and help Kill the Bill!

  • Did you know that more and more employers require bilingual speakers for entry level minimum wage jobs?
  • This bill will further drive down wages because most illegals are poorly educated and will work for less.
  • Employers will favor illegals made legal immediately on passage of this bill because they’re exempt from ObamaCare fines.
  • The already stretched entitlement state will explode; the cost will be on the backs of American taxpayers.

They vote in the Senate Monday -tomorrow (final vote possibly Thursday). Get busy and call your Senators and at least 10 Republicans who are likely to fall for this FLAWED immigration bill.

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