Our Federal Govt Lays Awake Nights to Think This Stuff Up

This is a humdinger and is sure to cause migraine headaches for all fifty states (or was it 57 . . . ;o). I swear the Justice Dept. and the Treasury Department, Health & Human Services, the EPA -all of them are on a non-stop course to bust all state budgets and of course keep themselves in control of every aspect or our lives and keep attorneys in work from here to eternity.

This just down from the Treasury Dept. today-

Gay Spouses in All States Can File Joint Taxes

Even in states where gay marriage is not legal (currently just 13 states allow gay marriage). They jumped right in right after the Supremes overturned part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act in June stating all federal workers with gay married partners would receive full federal benefits. But as usual, unintended consequences reared its ugly head. The feds realized many of the federal workers were joined in civil unions but not legally married in one states allowing it. The Dept of Defense will give ten days leave for same-sex couples to get married.

Why not an afternoon before a justice of the peace you ask? Don’t be silly, after all, it’s practically a human right to have a honeymoon, especially paid for by the US taxpayer.

According to Bloomberg, more than 200 provisions in the tax code and federal regulations reference marriage, affecting a range of financial matters such as retirement accounts and health benefits. This ruling (no doubt unconstitutional (tramples all over the 10th Amendment for just a start) also makes it easier for spouses to inherit tax-free money and same-sex married spouses have the option to amend returns three back and can seek refunds, but of course aren’t required to refile returns if they would pay more. This is akin to Lois Lerner with illegal IRS egg all over her face pleading the 5th when being questioned before Congress. They always get it both ways (no pun intended).

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