As California Goes, So Goes the Nation . . . And if it’s True, We’re in Deep Kim Chee

You know I did my little thing on Constitution Day (the quiz), and many of you know of our “Constitution Project” distributing FREE pocketbook Constitutions to the small businesses on the Big Island, so I was glad to see so many other Americans engaged in promoting our founding document this week, but beware, the wolf is at the door as you will see in this video below.

With all the bad action emanating from California (illegal immigrants can serve jury duty; gender-confused children K-12 can choose which bathrooms to use; CA Senate passes “More than 2 parents allowed if in the best interest of the child; and now this behavior in public tax-payer funded colleges), it’s time that lib-tard cesspool called California were drained!

This comment following the YouTube video also offers a solution:

“God please let California fall off into the ocean with all Californians drowning to death, today, please I beg you.”

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

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