Let Me Get This Off My Chest -The Phrase ‘Separation of Church and State’ Does Not Appear in ANY of Our Founding Documents!

Not once. I repeat, those words are not found in the Constitution, nor in any of the nation’s founding documents. Never mind that we hear and read it daily as the reason to deny the free practice of religion in the public square, i.e., public schools and institutions receiving State or Federal funds or even in view of the public as in Christian nativity scenes.

Political correctness and the ignoramuses who tout the non-existent ‘Separation of Church and State’ nonsense ad nauseam has taken it to the extreme to where it is no longer even acceptable to say “Merry Christmas”.

The Founding Fathers never intended for the separation of church and state, in fact they felt religion to be indispensable to the moral founding of the country. President George Washington in his farewell address said:

“Religion & Morality are indispensable supports of our political prosperity.”

The Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson grounded the cause of independence in an appeal to ‘nature & nature’s God’ establishing the proposition of inalienable rights not granted by government but by a birthright gift from our Creator.

Our nation lived by these principles for 150 years, but bit by bit the Supreme Court misconstrued the First Amendment’s

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . .”

This only meant that the federal government could not establish a national religion and force everyone to belong. And are we really better off having the Supreme Court, and as a result all of our institutions (schools, the military, the work place, etc.) remove God from America? NO! And here is why.

  • Marriage is in decline (except for among religious Americans)
  • Birth rates are in decline (except for among religious Americans)
  • Out of wedlock birthrates have skyrocketed
  • Behavior in classrooms (and in civil discourse generally) has declined
  • Crime rates rose as religion has been removed from American life

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